Monday, 12 June 2017

Right Place, Right Time

Walt:  Make a Right place, Right time Poster
Today we were making a Right place, Right time Poster. We learned it by Madeline telling us. We learned it because it was Toki Pounamu time. I enjoyed looking for the pictures. There was no challenging part. Next time I could put a background in.


  1. Hi Max it's Bella
    I really admired your right place right time poster.
    I wish I should of done something like that.
    To make it BTB I think you should give your stuff more space because it's quite bunched up

  2. Hi Max its Harley and i love you poster its really well made to be BTB maybe you might wanna get rid of some images and add more writing

  3. nice work max I like the way you put the images in your doc

  4. This is cool, Max. I liked reading about how and why you made it!


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